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Jordanian Female Entrepreneurs Participated in Jasmine’s Training

Entrepreneur women from Jordan came to Israel via a Jordanian Delegation, an initiative by The Ministry of Agriculture. These women participated in a special study visit conducted by Jasmine. Kiram Baloum, CEO: “we need to strengthen and support cross- border relations between Israel and Jordan as part of our vision to bring international socio- economic change “

A unique collaboration: these entrepreneurs arrived at Israel as part of a Jordanian delegation, a program by the Ministry of Agriculture, aimed to provide the delegation with professional tools. During the visit, the Ministry presented valuable information, professional growth techniques and conducted a training session in business management, led by Jasmine Organization.

Dunya Makhlouf, a business consultant and a lecturer working with Jasmine, led the session which was opened by Kiram Baloum, Jasmine’s CEO, who welcomed the visitors from Jordan and said: “it is very essential for every entrepreneur who chooses to enter the business world, to assess, identify and precisely plan the business idea they want to realize. This includes market research before every investment. One of the challenges that women and entrepreneurs face is lack of business planning, hence the right way to plan is to start small and expand.” Baloum addressed the importance of collaborations between Jasmine and women entrepreneurs from all over the world and the Middle East and continued: “we need to strengthen and support cross- border relations between Israel and Jordan as part of our vision to bring international socio- economic change”.

The participants said during the session that they see Israel as an opportunity and hope to receive help and professional knowledge in marketing and management. One of them, a mother who works as a teacher, plans to open a fish pool, came to the session with no business knowledge or experience whatsoever. “That’s why we are here. Jasmine can give entrepreneurs courses and professional guidance to establish and run a business”, said Baloum, “I was very impressed of her abilities, she is a strong woman with a vast knowledge in NLP which will help her analyze behaviors”.

Another participant, also a mother, has run a fish pool for years and has several employees, including head of staff. “This is an example of an entrepreneur who came to us because she wants to acquire information about business opportunities and purchase raw materials from Israel”, says Baloum, “nonetheless, she encountered many challenges along the way and needs help in this area, but she also identified the challenges in business management, and seeks professional guidance to succeed in raising and selling fish”.

Another participant, 19 years old, works in an organization promoting equal pay for women. She came to the Ministry’s program to receive professional knowledge about fishing nets manufacture and raising fish. It was notable throughout the session, that these women lack business guidance, starting from writing a work plan, schedule, drafting a business plan and having practical tools in business management. Baloum: “we discovered that the dilemmas these women face are actually an opportunity to create a collaboration- raw materials and equipment, business relations, professional management tools, strategic planning and practical methods. These are ambitious, strong, creative and courageous women who want to make a difference”.

The entrepreneurs participated in Jasmine’s management and marketing workshops

During the study visit, Jasmine provided the Jordanian entrepreneurs business workshops, life skills, personal vision and its importance, and its tie to the business vision. Also, during the second part, a workshop was conducted in identifying strong traits as entrepreneurs, business planning and viability, drafting business plans and more. Lastly, these women enriched their knowledge in planning and establishing a business de facto, including analysis of marketing plans, business plans and execution of scheduled plans with the help of professionals.

Baloum was very satisfied with the new collaboration and said that these women are going to implement all what they had learned and keep on learning about planning, marketing and executing business plans.