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Off-Bank Loans for Opening a New Business


Jasmine continues to lead and develop collaborations with the large businesses and corporations in the Israeli market, widening the scope of our services. A new joint venture with ‘Keren Natan Seed Fund’ offers off-bank loans, tailored to the needs of women who want to open their own first business.


Jasmine is widening its joint ventures with the large organizations in the country, which on their part choose to facilitate the NGO’s vision with various new collaborations in order to create a female financial leadership in Israel.
Dozens of companies and organizations have already chosen to promote women in the Israeli market, through cooperating with Jasmine, and now the ‘Keren Natan Seed Fund’ has joined the lines, offering off-bank loans.
“Jasmine perpetuates the founding, accompaniment, and constant advancement of women” says Kiram Baloum, Founder and Director of the first organization of it’s kind in Israel, which specializes in advancing entrepreneur women, women owned SME’s across all sectors and populations throughout the country: “Jasmine has created a cadre of women leaders, who serve in key positions and are in and of themselves an additional circle of power and influence”.

Jasmine widens the cooperation with the large companies and corporations in the market!
Until now, Jasmine has integrated and accompanied around 11,000 women into the Israeli economy and has built a wall of financially independent and strong women, in order to change the financial and social map and to bring financial and leadership growth of women in Israel.
“Jasmine is the first organization in Israel to specialize and promote women of all sectors. The organization brings together the different sectors and creates a new social reality based on business relations between Jewish and Arab women. Our strength, among others, comes from our business cooperation with bodies and companies, who express one after the other, their belief and trust in our social and economical vision. One example of this, is an amazing venture for changing the public and economical purchasing policy, one that allows small businesses to enroll in the purchasing data bases of the large businesses in the market, as part of the collaborations we create with the large corporations”, says Baloum.

Personally Tailored Loans for New Women Entrepreneurs
As said, the organization is widening and deepening its services and collaborations, in order to promote and elevate women business owners. For the first time, Jasmine has created a partnership that will allow women to receive an interest free loan for the purpose of opening a first new business, an initiative designed to remove the block preventing women from opening an independent business. Joining in to this partnership is the CEO of ‘Keren Natan’, Dorit Lahav Tzur. ‘Keren Natan’ provides loans to the eligible women and is tailored specifically for those who cannot receive loans from the banks for the purpose of opening a business.
The loans are given with suitable conditions and terms, interest free, and are designated to women who are preparing to open their first business. Each loan will amount to the maximum value of 240,000 (two hundred and fourty thousand) NIS, for the period of 3 years. The grace and return periods will be determined for each recipient personally, according to the type of business and her abilities. Among other thigs, this collaboration is suited for women opening a first business requiring an initial investment in equipment and raw materials. To find out about eligibility an initial request is to be submitted according to the funds criteria )www.nksf.org.il).
“We wish to remove the financial obstruction from the path of women who aspire to embark on an independent financial way, thus allowing them to overcome the block of financing the founding of the business”, explains Baloum, “as far as we are concerned this is another option, another door that we open for the economic growth of women. All this together with our offer of accompanying women, hand in hand, through the steps of opening a business. We continue to push these women up after that, until the phase of enlarging the business both in profits and scale, integration into key roles, and more, through unique models which we have developed and implement through our organizations practical training programs.”
“This is also an opportunity to thank our many partners. The business collaboration is the basis for it all but it is also the means for promoting a joint vision, that will bring both financial and social change to Israel. We have made it our mission to promote businesses owned and run by Jewish and Arab women and bring closer our peoples on the basis of a unified, combined and growing financial basis, and to create a female leadership that affects the public opinion- and each new partner to this vision is an important step on the road towards realizing this goal”.

Our partnership is your springboard for opening your own business- fill out the online forms and sign up to check for eligibility>>