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Canadian Ambassador to Israel, Mrs. Deborah Lyons, paid a visit to the Jasmine Association and met with Arab businesswomen

Canadian Ambassador to Israel, Mrs. Deborah Lyons, paid a visit to the Jasmine Association and met with Arab businesswomen. She was impressed with Jasmine’s activities, and fascinated with Jasmine’s women she pledged to join their endeavor to promote women in the Israeli society and economy


The Canadian ambassador to Israel, Mrs. Deborah Lyons, and her senior staff went on a field tour to visit Jasmine’s activities and were impressed by the association’s influential endeavors to strengthen the economic and social status of Israeli women, both Jewish and Arab, emphasizing proximity and coexistence.

During the tour, the Ambassador met with Kiram Baloum, CEO of the Jasmine Association, and with leading and influential businesswomen and businessmen in the city of Nazareth. She acknowledged the uniqueness of Jasmine’s model for building and driving social-economic change in the country by creating and strengthening a growing economy and a stable society.
The delegation was hosted by Saussen Kovati, owner of the company O.D. Occasion Design and one of the most prominent and dominant women of the Jasmine Association. The meeting was held with Jasmine’s management and selected leading Arab businesswomen in the organization.
The “Jasmine Model” drives an economic and social revolution. It is renowned for the difference it makes both in Israel and abroad and is highly appreciated by communities, organizations, and partners around the world who express their faith in its proven successes by joining the efforts to realize the vision of the association which is at work to promote and empower Jewish and Arab businesswomen aiming to create a female leadership avenue at the very heart of the influential centers in the economy.
“The Jasmine Association continues to influence and strengthen the economy and women-owned businesses, with an emphasis on coexistence and collaboration between Jews and Arabs,” said Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of Jasmine.
The meeting involved an open discourse dedicated to the importance of integrating and strengthening women in the economy and the economic challenges faced by Arab society in general and in particular, the challenges Arab businesswomen face when embarking on a business career. The ambassador and the professional staff were deeply impressed by the potential and achievements of the Jasmine women for themselves, their families and the Israeli economy and society as a whole.”

The meeting ended in an optimistic note, forging the foundation for establishing business relationships among the Jasmine women. The ambassador, who marveled at Jasmine’s women and the successes of the association’s activities, pledged to promote the integration of women into the economy and society through a dedicated program in collaboration with the Jasmine Association and partner organizations.