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“Clinique” and “Jasmine” will cooperate for the second time this year

The leading companies in Israel continue to partner with Jasmine: with the upcoming International Women’s Day and as a result of a partnership to promote Jasmine’s activities and goals, Clinique announced that it will contribute to Jasmine with every purchase.

Jasmine Organization- Promoting businesses owned by Jewish and Arab women, continues to lead female economic leadership and enjoy the support of major companies in Israel.

Jasmine, a social organization, emphasizes the importance of accompanying and promoting business women from all over Israel, from all sectors and backgrounds, and is popular among corporations and companies in Israel, which approach Jasmine to create a profound partnership, to promote women in business and work towards realizing its vision.

With the upcoming events of International Women’s Day, Jasmine and the leading cosmetics brand Clinique joined up for a shared activity, and invite you to purchase Clinique’s products online, and Clinique will contribute money for Jasmine with every purchase!

Clinique announced that the contribution is part of its support of Jasmine and its vision: “Clinique is proud to contribute to Jasmine and promote its vision for economic and social change in Israel, leading women and empowering business women from all sectors in Israel. Clinique’s products are leading products and this cooperation with Jasmine’s women is our way to thank them for their doing and work towards creating a strong economic female leadership in Israel”.

Kiram Baloum, Jasmine’s CEO and founder welcomed the gesture and contribution and said: “I am grateful for Clinique and its contribution and initiative, for sharing Jasmine’s vision. I am proud to say that Jasmine has helped more than 11,000 women entrepreneurs and business owners from all sectors in Israel, to establish and strengthen their businesses, creating a platform of businesses owned by women by introducing best practices, supporting and promoting female leadership among diverse populations. This togetherness of different sectors and groups, and Jasmine’s success stories created a community of leading women in the Israeli economy, who pull up new participants- working towards an economic and social change in Israel”.

Products that are on sale can be purchased online www.clinique.co.il on 7-8th March 2019