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Branding and visibility on the web

A part of Jasmine’s “Izun- Influential directors” program, Jasmine Initiated a fascinating meeting to discuss the LinkedIn network, a network that connects all the influential people in the business world.
The lecture was given by Keren Alon Hummel, graduate of the “Izun” program. Keren is a high-tech entrepreneur who is also lecturing about the LinkedIn network. She guided the participants how to develop a professional profile with an emphasis on creating business connections. The participants were given a comprehensive explanation of how to manage the profile, and how to make connections.


The meeting was an interactive one. The participants updated their profile according to Keren’s explanation.
Visibility and branding on the Internet is an important for those
holding a senior position or the position of a director. This arena is
suitable place for establishing business relations and cooperation.

The participants of the “Izun” program gained a great value and practical knowledge. Jasmine will continue to provide practical and relevant knowledge.