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Jasmine hosts the Miami Jewish Federation At Abu Jameel Farm 17.04.2018

This week, a distinguished delegation from Greater Miami Jewish Federation (GMJF) visited Israel. The Miami Jewish Federation is a unifying force for Jewish community- building and philanthropy. They strengthen Jewish life and promote the unity, values and shared goals of the Jewish people in Miami, Israel and the world. A delegation from the Miami Jewish Federation arrives to Israel every year to be exposed to the initiatives and activities of the organizations they support.
We are very grateful for Jasmine’s partnership with the Miami Jewish Federation over the years. This partnership is very important to us. The Federation is a central partner in Jasmine’s vision to promote social and economic change for Jewish and Arab women from all sectors of Israel. This year, we decided to hold the visit in a special format – a visit to the Abu Jameel Farm. This is to allow members of the delegation to have a unique experience – a different business established by Arab woman.

Abu Jameel Farm was established by Hanan Abu-Mouk, who holds a BA in Business and is the CEO of the farm. The farm is in the north of Baqa al-Jarbiyeh, about 5 minutes from Kibbutz Meizr. The farm was created out of the perception that modern man lacks respect for the natural resources he uses. This perception led Hanan and her husband Atef, develope the rural farm as an Agro – Ecological farm that provides a variety of attractions, activities and workshops for children and adults from all over the country. Their land was dedicated to the establishment of a farm that promotes environmental quality, women’s employment and education that enhances meaningful learning. Hanan leads the farm as a place where everyone can feel like home, while learning about environmental awareness and different cultures.

We are proud to collaborate with Hanan, she is an inspiration for entrepreneurship and action, breaking conventions and success against all odds. Hanan received the delegation with great excitement and shared her vision: “Over the years, I wanted to express myself through the establishment of a social business that would add value to Arab women, and after a year and a half of hard work, the dream became a reality.” Hanan emphasized the importance of women’s employment and promotion. Hanan spoke about the partnership and the support of Jasmine: “I am very grateful to Jasmine, for the support along the way, thank you Kiram for believing in me and in my business.”

Kiram Baloum, the founder and CEO of Jasmine, welcomed the delegation. Kiram spoke about Jasmine’s work and the significance of women’s integration in the economy and the importance of building a shared life in Israel. “Jasmine has built a network of support and economic cooperation between women from all sectors in Israel, I believe that women can bring welfare, equality and peace to the region.”


Kiram presented two amazing women. Each of the women is at the beginning of her career and develops a unique business. We at Jasmine, are excited and proud to accompany them on the way to success.

Hagit Nir, has developed the “KENANA – hugs from the Savannah” Brand – this is a lifestyle brand brought from Africa. For the past eight years, Hagit and her family lived in Africa, when she returned Hagit decided to bring the nature, colors and the African experience to Israel. The brand includes unique items: jewelry, baskets, home accessories and dolls. All items are handmade from natural materials.

Rona Gal is an interior designer. For the past five years she developed the “Rona Gal” Brand – accessories and textiles for table design. “I believe that the culture of  hospitality and  integration with the world of design is the basis for connecting people and creating an enjoyable social experience and this brought me to develop a special concept for designing a table in different styles and colors, concept  that each of us can design a festive table and give our guests a spectacular and enjoyable experience.”

The members of the delegation thanked Jasmine for the interesting visit and were impressed by Jasmine’s extensive and progressive work. The Federation see Jasmine as an important organization that promotes Jewish and Arab women in the socio-economic sphere.