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Senior Officials in the Economy: The Tamnoon Program for Training Women Business Consultants is an Innovative and Necessary Model for Business Development in Israel


The first class of “Tamnoon” has come to an end – yet another groundbreaking program from “Jasmine”, aiming to train a cadre of certified women business consultants in Israel employing an innovative method. The participants’ tangible accomplishments were presented to senior officials in the Israeli economy, who praised the program, saying that it is an innovative and necessary model for business development and management and for empowering business owners. 

The final session of the innovative “Tamnoon” program, initiated and managed by the “Jasmine” organization in collaboration with Bank Hapoalim, was the starting point for a breakthrough in the field of successful business development and management in Israel: This is not the first time that “Jasmine” is at the forefront of groundbreaking, cutting-edge programs in the Israeli economy, that have built and led a model for training and certifying women business consultants in the realm of managing and developing existing businesses, in collaboration with and the support of Bank Hapoalim.

The only program of its kind in the country, which trains and builds a cadre of first-rate consulting teams in the country to provide holistic management, development, and business consulting services, was launched after the organization had identified the specific needs and barriers that are challenging existing business owners. The findings suggest that most existing business owners are engaged in the day-to-day routine of production and operation processes, devoting less attention and time to the management and development of their business. “Jasmine” explains that this work style often leads to a lack of control and poor planning and thus, hinders the development and expansion of the business.

Introducing the Three Swords: The innovative business development and management method

As part of the program, women business consultants, experienced and new, Jewish and Arab, as well as women from all over the country, were trained. All of the participants have academic degrees in the fields of accounting, management, and economics, organizational consulting, etc. They underwent intensive professional and practical training using the Three Swords method, founded by Ofer Makmel. The process involves breaking existing paradigms, diagnosing weaknesses and strengths, business analysis and development, mental growth, and long and short-term development – all aimed to achieve results. The newly trained consultants provide business owners with all the tools necessary for the successful management of their business but also drive them towards independence.

At “Jasmine”, they do not compromise when it comes to results, therefore, as part of their participation in the program, the participants underwent an internship, during which they accompanied business owners in a business development process. The products were presented at the aforementioned final session, attended by a panel of leading experts and economists in the Israeli economy, who viewed the reports and presentations and gave feedback to each one. Samar Bishara, director of Poalim in the Community at Bank Hapoalim, collaborating with Jasmine in this program, said at the meeting: “Today this program is needed more than ever before. It helps improve skills in an age where there is a need for business mentoring.  The impact of the women consultants on small businesses is significant, especially during the Corona crisis, which led to the collapse of many businesses.”

“Now, the Sky is NOT the Limit”

“About 70% of businesses collapse because of the mental perspective of business owners. During the internship, we saw how the customers of the program participants report significant changes in their business,” says Ofer Makmel, founder of the Three Swords method, adding that: “For us, business consulting in Israel is a mission with a lot of responsibility. There is a shortage of consultants who understand the magnitude of these times and the responsibility of leading a business to its success.” He was further quoted at the end of the program, saying: “The experience in Jasmine was empowering for me, both as a person and as a business owner.”

In this context, the program participants testified to a change in their perception of life, which already affects their own business and lives. “In the business world, the emphasis is usually on results and less on the person standing in front of us. In Jasmine’s program, I got a different point of view, I learned to look at the business owner, and I realized that the integration of the mental aspect is a strength when accompanied by strategic management. “The program has refined all the steps required of me as a consultant,” says Hiba Halabi, a program participant and a consultant to organizations and business owners in the field of strategic business management.

“The program has opened up a window of opportunity for me to examine my own business’ development and thanks to the program I built an online group workshop for pregnant and postpartum women,” says Anat Meishar, a program participant and business consultant for postpartum entrepreneurship, “It is even beyond that, my whole perception of myself has changed. Today I am a businesswoman, employing an array of people in order to grow. Now, the sky is not the limit!” 

“The state must understand that today, more than ever, certified management consultants are needed”

“A business does not go out of business because it operates in the periphery, but because the business owners did not run it,” concludes Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of Jasmine. “The state must recognize the fact that today we need qualified management consultants who know how to look at the business in a holistic approach, identify the technical and mental challenges, provide business owners with the required tools and turn them into managers. This is THE proven way to break paradigms and barriers that hinder businesses in Israel. Our goal, in the context of Tamnoon, is to expand the cadre of consultants, both men and women, and I call on the Ministry of Economy to join our endeavor and be part of the solutions we introduce to business owners.”