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Dalia Lev – The vision that became a reality

I believe and act in equality, cooperation and positive thinking

Dalia Lev, was a mentor in the 2016-2017 cycle of the “Izun” program.  She continues to contribute her part in advancing this issue in Jasmine’s programs and projects. In the 2018 “Izun” program, the women were amazed from her great work and discovered “how did one woman’s vision become a reality?” At the meeting she gave women the opportunity to enter her world and understand how she began?
Dalia Lev served as a director of leading corporations and companies. These key positions influence the Israeli economy. At the beginning of her career, she realized that she wanted to set the path for herself, one that would affect many. Therefore, forced herself to define and to answer three fundamental questions:

  1. Where does she want to reach?
  2. Who to contact?
  3. What are the possibilities and opportunities?At the same time, she built a solid foundation by acquiring knowledge and higher education:

LLM – Bar Ilan University, Israel , Advanced management program – Harvard University USA, CPA – The Hebrew University, Israel, Certified mediator – The Courts Administration

Her professional practice resonates and influences wherever she is

She held several positions, for example:

Director at the First International Bank Ltd, Director at Strauss Group Ltd, Director at the Paz Oil Company Ltd,Director at the Airports Authority, CEO of IDB Development Company Ltd, Director at the major companies in IDB, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Shufersal, A mediator, engaged in investments and financial management.

Delia elaborated about her way of thinking, patterns and how to learn from experience up to the point of realizing the vision she aspired to achieve.

There are no shortcuts!

Dalia claims that: “In order to become a director, you must start from the bottom – small companies, family companies. To volunteer in associations, to be socially involved. It is important that your voice will be heard. And do not give information to anyone who might endanger the company and you.”

So, what are the guiding principles of Dalia Lev?

– To aspire to reach the vision: to a build a long-term plan and, to express my opinion with respect and professionalism, and not to fear from a different and opinion.

– To invest in learning, to acquire knowledge and to develop constantly: to go to conferences, to specialize, to learn technology: cyber, artificial intelligence … to read about interesting and new topics; to open to a broad field of knowledge.

“If we want, we can!” We must maintain our position, we can start from the bottom and go up in stages.

– To strive for social volunteering – to mention this on your CV – Anyone looking for information about you will always want to see your work.

Vision can be applied

– Look on the bright side.

– Always ask “What do I want and what am I good at?”

– Allow options and look for opportunities.

– Do to complain – Act!

– Do not focus on the fact that we are women and it is difficult for us.

– Create business relationships – to expand circles.

– Give constructive criticism.

– The position of director is a legal responsibility.

– Always display strengths, not weaknesses and excuses.

– Search for relevant people and work to reach them.

The encounter motivated the women and outlined the way for their personal vision. Without compromising, from a deep sense of mission, to influence on issues that are close to their hearts.