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Female directors stimulate creativity and a different thinking

On 13/03/2018 a meeting was held as a part of Jasmin’s program “Izun”- influential Directors.
The participants experienced in a simulation that simulates a board meeting at a governmental company. The simulation was conducted as part of the lecture: “The Board of Directors in the Age of Corporate Governance”, under the guidance of Attorney Efrat Shoham, who has been conducting this simulation for years in programs that trains directors and managers.
As part of the role play, the participants were appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors, CFO, CEO of the Company and Board of Directors. The simulation simulated a management meeting, in which several issues were discussed.
The main Topics for discussion were:
1. Confrontations between the management of a company and its workers committee, which affects its functioning.
2. Future deficit resulting from unprofessional behavior.
3. Projects with significant deviation from the work plan, due to external and internal constraints and deal with the risk of exceeding the budget and timetables. So that the company will not be able to carry out additional projects this year.
4. Should a report be sent to the superiors or should they wait until the facts be clarified regarding the progress of the projects and the financial shortage.
The Opinions were divided, and various creative ideas emerged as to how to deal with the dilemmas that arose. The women explained their views on how to act and finally voted.
According to Adv. Efrat Shoham, the decisions that were made were extraordinary.
Efrat added, “There is no doubt that since the discussion was conducted by women, a different and unique decision was made.”
Efrat’s words reinforced the knowledge that female directors generate different and creative thinking.
In the second part of the day, the participants listened to the lecture “Between Corporate Responsibility and Ethics” by Adi Gamliel, Corporate Responsibility Manager of “Netivei Israel”. they learned that corporate responsibility can make it easier for employees, save money for the company and contribute to the economy.

Jasmine will continue to promote the generation of influential female leaders