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IZUN (Balance)- Influential Directors Forum meeting on July 17, 2017

Same as every month, IZUN (Balance)- Influential Directors Forum (the Forum was established following the IZUN program) was held this time in a different format and was fascinating. The day began with the lecture by Assaf Shmuely, a former journalist and current media consultant and owner of the blog “Hamashbrist”. He spoke about “Shaming and how to act about it”. What is defined as Shaming? How do large companies deal with it?

Shaming – which means shame someone, is used today in the social networks. The social networks changed the rules of the game. In the past the press passed on the information. In today’s reality everyone is a “journalist” and the information is passed at record speed from anyone to anywhere, reaching everyone and being shared by everyone.

Shaming is characterized by “an emotion or feeling that others feel when they deviate from accepted social norms.” There are number of problems with the characteristics of Shaming. There are no norms that are accepted by all, it is accepted as long as it fits our norms. The distribution is huge and fast. It can be documented forever and there is a great potential for cyberbullying. Assaf presented a model that he had built for identifying Shaming as such.

It starts with a disturbing post. Then you must diagnose the purpose of the post and it’s distribution. If it is offensive, this is cyberbullying. If the author’s intent was correcting an undesirable situation, this is Shaming. Once you understand author’s goal, you can deal with it.

There are several ways of coping with it: one can ignore it. While examining the impact on the target audience. For example, a meat restaurant that has been shamed by vegans … There are reporting tools – for example on Facebook or Google. Or legal system, when there is grounds for a suit. Another option is adding positive things on the subject, until you push the shaming add to the back pages. The lecture presented many recent examples of such network crises. The participants great interest in this subject.

In the second part of the meeting, Sabrin Hasson Tapash lectured on

“Effective Image – Dress for Success”

Sabrin Hasson Tapesh is Personal and business image and styling consultant. She leads workshops on image design, both in the private and public sector. Lecturer on “Effective image” for business people / public figures / students. She provides personal guidance and image consulting for clients, dresses players in commercials and in the past hosted a styling corner on the “Moda” program on Channel 2.

According to Sabrin, “95% of the messages are transmitted via non-verbal channels and the image we present has a great impact on creating the first impression.” When dressing for an important meeting, you have to consider what impression you want to make, what do you wish to achieve by the end of the meeting. We need to respect the situation and dress for success.

Sabrin gave an overview of the types of women figures and how to dress in order to highlight or blur the desired. The participants received many tips such as a how to improve one’s feeling when feeling tired, by dressing in a way that can improve the feeling. Sabrin also discussed about the length and color of jewelry and its impact on creating a desired image. The lecture touched the hearts of women, many expressed their great interest and lots of questions were raised, while Sabrin provided a large variety of examples.

Jasmine will continue to promote businesswomen, in various fields and offer interesting lectures on various subjects.