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ZINUK Program is in high demand!

two more groups opened in the North 

An exceptional success of “ZINUK” for developing businesses: due to the high demand, Kiram Baloum, Jasmine’s CEO, has opened two more groups in Haifa and the Western Galileeand 50 women have been accepted out of 350 applicants!


High demand for the successful and pioneer program of Jasmine, “ZINUK for business uplifting”, which has operated till now in the center of Israel, opened two more groups in Haifa and the Western Galilee. Kiram Baloum wasn’t surprised by the success. She is known to be a visionary, ambitious and perfectionist woman. When she decided to go for this national program to develop businesses owned by women, it was known she’s going to succeed.

Today, when the demand for ZINUK is sky- rocket and only 50 out of 350 applicants were accepted, Baloum says modestly: “my success is these women’s success, there is no greater pride than seeing these women develop and realize their business potential with the help of Jasmine”. She emphasizes that ZINUK is aimed to promote powerful women, who have already established their businesses and want to expand it and succeed more, and these women were chosen carefully and professionally.

Baloum also says: ” this is a pioneer program in Israel which aspires to change patterns in business management by giving practical business tools. This program includes realistic and achievable goals, when the main one is correct management which leads to promoting the business and increasing profits. ZINUK is a program with results”.

Through ZINUK, the participants learn how to master business management, planning, pricing and execution of business plans. Also, they learn how to develop business strategies of marketing and implement business branding. The participants are asked to identify a measurable objective which they want to achieve by the end of the program, and this allows them to measure their success by results, profits, client list and more.

Business owners with a sense of commitment were chosen for the 2 groups which opened in Haifa and the Western Galilee. Baloum: “I wish a lot of success for our new participants and the ones who are already working successfully, and to our partners, who have made this dream come true. Every success of any independent woman will bring social and economic change in Israel. We will continue to follow our vision”.

Jasmine’s partners in the program are some of the leading companies in the Israeli market and they are dedicated to the success of the program and to realizing their mutual vision to promote women owners of businesses: The Haddassa Foundation, The Strauss Group, Matan- Investing in the Community, The First International Bank of Israel, Super- Pharm, Secret Spa, Haifa Municipality, Ma’avarim Western Galilee and The Local Council of Mate Asher. “Thank you to all our partners who believe in Jasmine”, concludes Baloum, “we guarantee at least 80% increase in the participants’ businesses and we will double the results each year and bring actual growth in businesses run by women”.